Men footwear

Minimalist men's shoes at Hinson Studios

Are you looking for fine leather men's shoes or sneakers? Then you are at the right place at Hinson Studios. The beautiful leather men's shoes from Hinson Studios are handmade. We use high-quality Italian leather and are inspired by minimalism.


Comfortable sneakers for men

On our sneaker webshop you will find the complete collection of Hinson men's shoes. By using our own atelier in The Netherlands, we can offer our handmade shoes under 150 euros. Every element of our shoe has been carefully put together to ensure the best comfort.

We continue challenge ourselves by optimizing every part. From sourcing raw materials to building our leather mens shoes, we are constantly refining our collection of mens shoes.


Leather men's shoes of exceptional quality

All Hinson Studios shoes consist of a soft leather inner lining with a rubber outsole of exceptional quality. Everything a comfortable men's sneaker needs.

In our collection we use, among other things, nubuck leather which gives a velvety look and feels soft. We like to use soft calf leather for the inner lining.


Handmade shoes with attention to detail

We would almost forget the most important thing about our shoes. Our insoles! Because a shoe may look nice, but if it does not run smoothly, you will not wear it often. Our insoles are made of a special lightweight material which provides the right cushioning.

Our leather men's sneakers are characterized by our high quality rubber soles. It gives a feeling of luxury and provides the right balance.

The minimalist look of our shoes ensures that our neat leather men's sneakers can easily be combined with your outfit. When you hold Hinson Studios shoes in your hands, you feel that it is made with attention and sophistication. Also view our new collection and shoes that we have significantly discounted.