Reimagined Classics

Reimagined Classics

The moment you open the shoebox of your new pair of sneakers is magical. The immaculate color, the creaky material when you step in for the first time and the feeling when you combine the shoes with your favorite outfit is priceless.

Sneakers never go out of style because you can easily combine them with any outfit. Mix and match the sneakers for men with a neat outfit to give your look a sporty touch or opt for a summery look with white sneakers under your shorts. At Hinson Studios we have a wide range of men's sneakers.

Our different sneakers for men

Our sneakers are suitable for every occasion. For example, choose a dark shoe for a business look and wear white in the summer. We are happy to tell you more about our different sneakers.

White sneakers

White sneakers: who doesn't love them? The immaculate fabric almost hurts your eyes: that's how white your new pair is. As far as we are concerned, a pair of white sneakers should not be missing in your own collection. We have low and high white sneakers, in leather and suede.

Black sneakers

Do you have a business event or are you looking for a good sneaker for under your winter outfit? You can wear a black sneaker under anything. You see less dirty and dirty on them and they last a long time. We have black leather and suede sneakers.

Maintaining men's sneakers

On a warm summer day you walk outside and out of nowhere the clouds gather. Typical Dutch summer: a huge downpour follows and your shoes are soaked in no time. Or after a nice party you decide to turn on the frying pan and a huge dollop of mayonnaise falls on your shoe. Accidents are just around the corner. Sometimes unavoidable, but we are happy to help you heal that dirty stain on your sneaker.

By properly pre-treating your sneakers, maintaining them and immediately switching to action mode when they become dirty and filthy, you keep them beautiful and they last longer.

Hinson's handmade men's shoes

Sneakers, loafers, slides or boots: at Hinson you are at the right place when it comes to handmade shoes. All shoes are made in our own studio in the Netherlands, where craftsmanship is central. We are the next generation of independent shoemakers. Each product is carefully composed with the highest quality materials. This allows us to deliver better quality at an accessible price.

Inspired by the minimalist, innovative and unconventional. With this we create the perfect mix of high quality, timeless design and technical innovation. And you can see that in our men's shoes.